About Coving

Coving is a hand-troweled epoxy mortar that creates a seamless transition between the floor and wall. This troweled radius can vary in size to accommodate varying applications and creates a hygienic transition that is easy to clean; ideal for application on wet environments and areas where cleanliness is a priority. Sloping is the process to increase the surface elevation of concrete in crucial areas, guiding or creating drainage for water away from a structure or building that could be flat or low in height compared to other areas of the concrete. If concrete doesn’t have proper sloping it can cause issues while performing recurring tasks like washing down a facility. Large problems can arise later down the road with structural damage created by stagnant water.Coving has unique ability to be integrated into seamless floor applications creating a virtual bathtub like base by being applied to the floor and wall joint before floor applications. If the facility already has a good standing floor coving can be done on top of an existing floor system on the floor and wall joint. An experienced team of contractors is needed to be able to create a perfect seal between the transition. At Rainbow Coating Ideas, we have over 20 years of experience for flooring applications to make sure a seamless transition between the floor and wall is achieved; Critical for industries with strict health and safety regulations for sanitation and sterilization such as the food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry.